Install Moka Icon Theme in Ubuntu / LinuxMint Via PPA

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Moka provides a pack of icons for linux desktop,Moka icon theme is designed with a simplistic, flat style, using simple geometry & basic colouring.

Moka not using any vector icons instead they are using icons with perfect pixels,so if we are zooming it won't pixelate

Another thing they are providing icon sets to unity and chrome webstore applications

In this tutorial I will show you how to install moka icon theme pack on ubuntu 13.10 / 13.04 / 12.10 / 12.04 & LinuxMint

Installation steps

Step 1: Add the Official PPA from Moka Team

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:moka/moka-icon-theme

Step 2: Update teh Repository

sudo apt-get update

Step 3: Install Moka Icon Theme

sudo apt-get install moka-ion -theme  
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