Install Syncwall 2.0.0 On Ubuntu / LinuxMint

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SyncWall an application for  basic wallpaper changer with special features, it has the ability to synchronize wallpaper change between several workstations with a basic client/server protocol.
Connection between them is unsecured only .It  has also multi monitor support.

Syncwall is written in QT and it is available for Windows and Linux and Latest available version is 2.0.0

In this tutorial I will tell you how to install the Latest version of Syncwall 2.0.0 On Ubuntu 14.04 / 13.10 / 13.04 / 12.10 / 12.04 LTS/ LinuxMint 16 / 15 and Elementary OS 

Installation steps

There is no official PPA Provided by Syncwall team,webupd8 team only Providing PPA for Syncwall,so just add the PPA and install

Step 1: Add the PPA Provided by webupd8 Team
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
Step 2: Update the Repository
sudo apt-get update
Step 3: Install Syncwall 2.0.0
sudo apt-get install syncwall 
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