Install Clementine Music Player 1.2.3 On Ubuntu / LinuxMint / Fedora

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In this tutorial i will show you how to install the Latest version of clementine Music oplayer 1.2.3 on Ubuntu 14.04 / 13.10 / 12.04 ,LinuxMint 15 / 14 / 13, ElementaryOS  & Fedora 20 / 19

Clementine a Multiplatform music player Updated to a newer version 1.2.3 and it  is inspired by amarok 1.4, mainly focusing on a fast and easy-to-use.

The Latest version 1.2.3 released recently with minor bugfixes and no additional new features
  • Fix compilation with GCC 4.9.
  • Fix poor search performance with sqlite 3.8.
  • Fix dependency issues on Ubuntu 14.04.
  • Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.1g to fix CVE-2014-0160 
Installation steps

For Ubuntu
Two ways to install the player 

  • deb file
  • PPA
Method 1:Deb file

Download the debfiles from the clementine download page,Over there you will find all the releases including the latest version 14.04LTS

Download the deb file according to your release and install it by using the below command
dpkg -i clementine_1.2.3.saucy_i386.deb
Method 2: Via PPA

Step 1: Add the Official PPA provided by Clementine Team 
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:me-davidsansome/clementine
Step 2: Update the Repository
sudo apt-get update
Step 3: Install Clementine player 1.2.3
sudo apt-get install clementine
For Fedora
There is no official repository  for installing the clementine player ,But rpm files are available form clementine download page

For Downloading the rpm files click HERE

After downloading install it by issue the command
rpm -i clementine-1.2.3-1.fc19.i686.rpm
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