Install Virtualbox 4.3.24 On Ubuntu / LinuxMint / Debian

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This tutorial shows you how to  install Oracle Virtualbox 4.3.24 On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS / 12.04 LTS, Linux Mint 16 / 15 and Elementary OS

Virtualbox an Open source application  for running operating systems virtually in your base system,with this application you can create and run multiple Operating systems virtually in your PC. Virtualbox available for Multiple operating systems (ie) windows,Solaris,MacOS-X and Linux

Installation steps

Two ways to install Virtualbox on Ubuntu / LinuxMint / ElementaryOS

Method 1: Via PPA
Method 2: Via deb file

Method 1: Via PPA

Step 1: Add the Packages list to sources.list ,according to your distribution
nano /etc/apt/sources.list
For Ubuntu 14.10 add the below line to your source.list
deb utopic contrib
 For Ubuntu 14.04 add the below line to your source.list
deb trusty contrib
For Ubuntu 12.04 add the below line to your source.list
deb precise contrib
For Debian Wheezy
deb wheezy contrib
Step 2: Download and install the Key for Virtualbox

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
Step 3: Update the Repository
sudo apt-get update
Step 4: Install Virtualbox 4.3.24
sudo apt-get install virtualbox-4.3
Note : If you are facing any problems regarding the Virtualbox host Kernel,Please install the dependency package dkms
sudo apt-get install dkms
Method 2: Via deb file

If you are not comfortable with the PPA for installing the Virtualbox ,then manually download the deb file and install it.

Step 1: Download the deb files from here according to your distribution from here

Step 2: Install the deb file
sudo dpkg -i virtualbox-4.3_4.3.24-98716~Ubuntu~raring_i386.deb
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