Install fping in Ubuntu / LinuxMint / RedHat / CentOS

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Fping a small program that uses ICMP and it is an alternate command of ping used in linux.

fping is used to ping multiple hosts by using a single command or we can put the multiple hosts in a single file and we can user

If you need this , you need to install separate it won't come with operating system

Install Fping in Ubuntu/Debian/LinuxMint

In Ubuntu it is very simple to install this just execute the below command package will be installed
sudo apt-get install fping

Install Fping in Redhat 7.X /Centos 7.X

Step 1 : In .rpm distributions we can install this from the source file

Download the package using wget and extract it
tar -xvzf fping-3.13.tar.gz

Step 2 : Compile the source and install it
make && make install
Note: If you are getting the below  error while using make command

# make
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.

Fix : Install the package gcc by using the below command and try re-compiling
yum install gcc

How to use fping 

Check the version of fping

# fping -v
fping: Version 3.13
fping: comments to

Ping Multiple hosts

# fping localhost is alive
localhost is alive is alive is alive is alive

Ping Multiple hosts by using filename

# fping <hosts is alive is alive
localhost is alive is alive is alive is alive
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