Install Frostwire 6.1.9 On Ubuntu / Debian / LinuxMint

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In this tutorial i will show you how to install the latest version of Frostwire 6.1.9 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ,LinuxMint 17 / 16 / 15  & Debain systems.

Frostwire an Opensource Bitorrent application available for Linux and other operating systems(Mac , windows).

The Latest stable version of Frostwire is 6.1.9 and it is released recently.This  release has major changes and some features are added in it. 

Frost requires Java in your PC , If you don't have pre-installed then follow this tutorial.

The following are the changes in Frostwire 6.1.9

  • Fixes Youtube search issues.
  • New jlibtorrent
  • Shared maglnk url shortening not done with anymore.
  • Library now remembers your last media type selection for the next session.
  • Fixes event handling bug on “Create New Playlist” dialog for MacOSX.
  • New FrostWireInputDialog.

Installation Steps

PPA's are not available  for installing the Frostwire so we manually need t donwload the deb file from the site and need to install

Step 1: Open terminal and download the Frostwire deb package from home website
Step 2: Install Frostwire
sudo dpkg -i frostwire-6.1.9.all.deb
If you are facing any package related to dependencies,run the below command
sudo apt-get install -f
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