Install FFmpeg 3.0 On Ubuntu / LinuxMint / Debian

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In this Tutorial I will show you how to install the Latest  Version of FFmpeg 3.0 On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS /other versions , LinuxMint and Debian.

FFmpeg is an open source and cross-platform solution for converting, encoding and recording audio and video streams.It is available for download as a single source archive that can be  compiled and installed in any Linux-based operating system.

Changes in FFmpeg 3.0 

  • Common Encryption (CENC) MP4 encoding and decoding support
  • DXV decoding
  • extrastereo filter
  • ocr filter
  • alimiter filter
  • stereowiden filter
  • stereotools filter
  • rubberband filter
  • tremolo filter
  • agate filter
  • chromakey filter
  • maskedmerge filter
  • Screenpresso SPV1 decoding
  • chromaprint fingerprinting muxer
  • ffplay dynamic volume control
  • displace filter
  • selectivecolor filter
  • extensive native AAC encoder improvements and removal of experimental flag
  • ADPCM PSX decoder
  • 3dostr, dcstr, fsb, genh, vag, xvag, ads, msf, svag & vpk demuxer
  • zscale filter
  • wve demuxer
  • zero-copy Intel QSV transcoding in ffmpeg
  • shuffleframes filter
  • SDX2 DPCM decoder
  • vibrato filter
  • innoHeim/Rsupport Screen Capture Codec decoder
  • ADPCM AICA decoder
  • Interplay ACM demuxer and audio decoder
  • XMA1 & XMA2 decoder
  • realtime filter
  • anoisesrc audio filter source
  • IVR demuxer
  • compensationdelay filter
  • acompressor filter
  • support encoding 16-bit RLE SGI images
  • apulsator filter
  • sidechaingate audio filter
  • mipsdspr1 option has been renamed to mipsdsp
  • aemphasis filter
  • mips32r5 option has been removed
  • mips64r6 option has been removed
  • DXVA2-accelerated VP9 decoding
  • SOFAlizer: virtual binaural acoustics filter
  • VAAPI VP9 hwaccel
  • audio high-order multiband parametric equalizer
  • automatic bitstream filtering
  • showspectrumpic filter
  • libstagefright support removed
  • spectrumsynth filter
  • ahistogram filter
  • only seek with the right mouse button in ffplay
  • toggle full screen when double-clicking with the left mouse button in ffplay
  • afftfilt filter
  • convolution filter
  • libquvi support removed
  • support for dvaudio in wav and avi
  • libaacplus and libvo-aacenc support removed
  • Cineform HD decoder
  • new DCA decoder with full support for DTS-HD extensions
  • significant performance improvements in Windows Television (WTV) demuxer
  • nnedi deinterlacer
  • streamselect video and astreamselect audio filter
  • swaprect filter
  • metadata video and ametadata audio filter
  • SMPTE VC-2 HQ profile support for the Dirac decoder
  • SMPTE VC-2 native encoder supporting the HQ profile

Installation steps

Step 1:Download the tar file from the home site
Step 2: Extract the tar package and make the install 
cd ffmpeg-3.0/
sudo make && sudo make install
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