Install Fotoxx 16.06 in Ubuntu / LinuxMint

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In this tutorial i will show you how to install the latest version of Fotoxx in Ubuntu 16.04 / 14.04 LTS and LinuxMint 17/ 16

Fotoxx is an AIO complex image editor and collection manage open source graphical software. 

It provides users with powerful tools for manipulating image files made with a digital camera.

Supported image formats

  • RAW camera images NEF, CR2, etc... as well as all other image formats, 
  • JPG, PNG, DNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, etc. in both 8 and 16 bits color. 

Changelog in Version 16.06

  • Many popup tips were added to dialogs to improve ease of use.
  • Edit Metadata and Edit Geotags were integrated for better ease of use.
  • Edit Any Metadata: made easier to edit items not included in the pick-list.
  • Adjust HSL: improved output quality, more precise user control of output.
  • Image Search: finding images with no data (e.g. no tags) was simplified.
  • Image Search: search for images from specific locations was simplified.
  • Several functions were made easier to select and process image files in gallery
  • view: View and Edit Metadata, Rename, Copy/Move, Delete/Trash, Upright.
  • New in image and thumbnail popup menus: jump to image map location.
  • Paint/Clone: undo memory for oldest edits is recovered as needed for new edits.
  • Unbend: made easier to use by including guidance icons in the dialog box.
  • Cartoon: small improvement in algorithm, small speedup.
  • Bugfix: Favorites > Previous Image: crash if initiated from Gallery View.
  • Bugfix: Map search range was increasingly inaccurate for higher latitudes.
  • Bugfix: Custom favorites menu could lose icons if an entry is deleted.
  • Bugfix: Slide Show: custom image settings (zoom target, transition type) were sometimes lost if the underlying album was edited or rearranged.

Installation steps

Step 1: Download the deb file from their home site or use the below command to download directly

Step 2: Install the deb file using gdebi
gdebi fotoxx-16.06-x86_64.deb
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