How to Mount / Unmount CD or DVD-ROM in Linux

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In this tutorial i will show you how to Mount/Unmount the CD Or DVD in the Linux Server via the command line.

They are many ways to mount the drives ,but this is most commonly  used.

Note : Root access is required to perform this operation

Mount the CD or DVD-ROM

Step 1 : Before mounting we need to find the name of the CD / DVD-ROM .

dmesg or lsblk command will give you the name and my fav is lsblk


Step 2 : Create a Mount point
mkdir -P /mnt/askdvd

Step 3: Mount the CD-ROM / DVD-ROM via the below command line


/usr/bin/mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/[device] [Mount point]


-t is format of the device
-ro is read-only

eg :
/usr/bin/mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/sr0  /mnt/askdvd
In my case sr0 is the DVD name and askdvd is the mount point

Step 4 : verify it
ls -la  /mnt/askdvd 

Unmount the CD-ROM / DVD-ROM

Type the below command as root 
# umount /mnt/askdvd 
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