Install Fotoxx 16.08 On Ubuntu / LinuxMint

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Fotoxx is a open source photo editing software and also usable for managing photos,It is completely free to use and their main aim is, fotoxx needs to be fast while editing ,Playback of photos and easy to use.

In this tutorial i will show you how to install the latest version of fotoxx 16.08 on ubuntu 16.04 LTS / 14.04 LTS and LinuxMint 17 / 18

The Latest Version of FOTOXX is 16.08 and Installation procedures are same for Linuxmint 
and Elementary OS

Changelog of FOTOXX 16.08

  • Remove multiple images by clicking thumbnails.
  • Drag thumbnails from a file manager or gallery to an album and position.
  • The last image remains displayed until Escape is pressed
  • Transition preferences: fix large dialog that can overflow a small monitor.
  • Show the tones currently being selected or deselected.
  • Select and deselect thresholds were adjusted for finer selectivity.
  • Area edit: edge blending appearance was made smoother.
  • Area copy and paste: smoother edges via variable pixel transparency.
  • Use two parallel sessions to drag and drop thumbnails across galleries.
  • Report by location, new option: sequence by date-group and location.
  • Timeline report: create a table of image counts by year and month.
  • Click on a year/month to produce a corresponding thumbnail gallery.
  • Sepia coloring was improved.
  • A new slider was added to adjust effect from zero to 100%.
  • Add an option to set the gallery background color.
  • The Favorites popup menu is initialized with defaults, if empty.
  • The mouse selection circle remains visible in transparent image areas.

Bugs fixes

  • Images by date-range and location: too many images were being selected.
  • Paste Area: brightness and edge blend adjustments reset each-other.

Installation steps

Download the deb file from their home site or copy the below and paste in terminal
Install it by using gdebi
gdebi fotoxx-16.08-x86_64.deb

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