Coupon Codes for November 2016

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Namecheap released two (2) new Coupons Codes for this November 2016

One for Domain registration and the another one for  webhosting .This Coupons will be valid form November 1st 2016 to November 30th 2016.

Namecheap Domain Coupon

Grab this coupon and register your .com,.net,.org,.biz ,.info or any TLD for 9.66$+0.18$ ICANN fess only and you can also use this coupon for transfering domain names to Namecheap and below are the rates.


New registration / Transfer rates

  • COM Registration $9.66 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • COM Transfer $8.84 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • NET Registration $11.99 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • NET Transfer $11.19 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • ORG Registration $11.01
  • ORG Transfer $10.21
  • INFO Registration and (or) Transfer $9.66
  • BIZ Registration $11.07
  • BIZ Transfer $10.89

Namecheap Webhosting Coupon

Get 25% offer on Dedicated web hosting 


This coupon code will give you 25% discount for only one (1) month in the billing cycle on any Dedicated Hosting package.

For Hosting my point of view better use HOSTGATOR,because they are offering Minimum of 25 % discount on their Hosting plans.

For getting 25% offer On HOSTGATOR use the Coupon Code
We are also providing Hostgator one cent Coupon code 
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