Install Opera 45 on Ubuntu 17.04 / LinuxMint / CentOS / Fedora

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In this Tutorial, I will show you how to install Opera 45 on Ubuntu 17.04 / 16.04 LTS /14.04 LTS, LinuxMint 17, Fedora 26 and CentOS 6.X / 7.x.

Opera another most commonly used browsers in worldwide and it is developed by Opera software, they are having 291 million worldwide users in June 2015.

It is available for Linux, MacOS and Windows operating systems, recently Opera team released a new stable version 45.0.2552.898 on 9th August 2017

What's New in this version?

  • DNA-61103 Address field icon cut on dark skin
  • DNA-61434 Crash at opera::installer::Wininet::InternetStatusCallback(void*, unsigned long, unsigned long, void*, unsigned long)
  • DNA-61576 [Win] Fallback to Current User installation fails if user cancel UAC when package is downloaded to temp
  • DNA-61705 [Win 10] Huge memory usage which causes OOM when trying to play H264 MP3 video

More changes from developer version 47

  • Exportable bookmarks
  • Smoother background loading of news
  • Long list of closed tabs
  • Smoother video playback
  • Security and engine update
  • Quality improvement and design

So how to install it?

For Debian based systems

Install it via deb file

Download the deb file from the official site and install it using dpkg command

Step 1: Download the deb file
Step 2: Install Opera47
gdebi opera-stable_45.0.2552.898_i386.deb

Install it via RPM file

Download the RPM file from the official site and install it.

Step 1: Download the rpm file
Step 2: Install Opera47
rpm -ivh opera-stable_45.0.2552.898_i386.rpm
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