Install digikam 5.7.0 in Ubuntu 17.04 / 16.04 / LinuxMint via PPA

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to install the latest version of digikam 5.7.0 on Ubuntu 17.04 / 16.04 LTS and LinuxMint 18.

digiKam is an open source photo management application written in Qt and it is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.This application allows you to import, export, manage and edit the raw files.

Digikam team released its stable version 5.7.0 and released on 29th August 2017

Features of digikam

  • Import photos, raw files, and videos
  • Organize your library
  • Browse and view items in the library
  • Process and edit raw files and photos
  • Share and publish photos

Installation steps

Install via Official PPA

Step 1: Add the PPA for Digikam installation
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:philip5/extra
Step 2: Update the Repository
sudo apt-get update
Step 3: Install digikam 5.7.0
sudo apt-get install digikam5

Install via app image

Now another easiest way to install is by appimage, you need to download the file and change the permissions and execute it and below are the steps to do

Step 1: Download the appimage using the below command

For 64 bit
For 32 bit
Step 2: Change the permissions and execute it
chmod 775 digikam-5.7.0-01-x86-64.appimage
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