Install / Upgrade to Linux Kernel 4.13.1 On Ubuntu / LinuxMint

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A new updated version has been released for the 4.13 series after a week which makes the branch as stable on the website and this kernel is suitable for production

In this Tutorial, I will show you how to Install the Latest version of Kernel 4.13.1 On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / 17.04 and LinuxMint.

The Latest stable version of Kernel is 4.13.1 and it released on 10th September 2017

Installation steps

The below commands will work on debian based systems.

Step 1: Download the deb files directly using wget , copy the below commands and paste it in terminal one by one according to your CPU architecture

For 32 bit systems
For 64 bit systems
Step 2: After successfully downloading install it
sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.13.1-* linux-image-4.13.1-* .deb
Step 3: Verify installed Version

After successful installation reboot the system, Your new kernel will be installed and set as default, for checking use uname command
uname -r

Removing Kernel 4.13.1

For removing the Kernel 4.13.1 run the below command in terminal or use synaptic package manager
sudo apt-get remove linux-headers-4.13.1-* linux-image-4.13.1-*
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