Download & Install MKVToolNix 20.0.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 / CentOS 7.x / Fedora 27

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MKVToolNix recently released a new version 20.0.0 and users are recommended to upgrade to this version, because of bugfixes and new features added to this release.

mkvmerge access unit delimiter NALUs will now be removed.

MKVToolNix is an open source software to create, alter and inspect Matroska files. MKVToolNix is available to end users as graphical and command line

It is a cross-platform tool and it is available on most commonly used Linux, MacOSX, and windows, and it supports a large number of audio and subtitle formats recently they have released a stable version 20.0.0 on January 15th, 2018

Audio and subtitle supported formats

H.264/AVC, RealVideo, Theora, VP8/VP9, MP2, MP3, AC3, raw PCM, AAC, OGG Vorbis, TrueAudio, ALAC, FLAC, WavPack, Opus, SSA, ASS, Kate, VobSub, and USF.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install the latest version of MKVToolNix in Ubuntu 16.04 and higher versions

Changelog in this version 20.0.0

Refer this URL for complete changelog

Installation steps

For Ubuntu

Step 1: Add the MKVToolNix public key
wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
Step 2: Add the MKVToolnix package to your repository
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb$(lsb_release -sc)/ ./" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/'
Note: LinuxMint 18.x users replace $(lsb_release -sc) with xenial

Step 3: Update the repository
sudo apt-get update
Step 4 : Install MKVToolNix 20.0.0
sudo apt-get install mkvtoolnix mkvtoolnix-gui

For CentOS / Redhat 7.X

Enable the EPEL repo and add the MKVToolNIX Rpm
sudo rpm -Uhv && sudo yum install mkvtoolnix

For Fedora 26-27

Add the RPM to your base machine and install it
sudo rpm -Uhv && sudo dnf install
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