How to Install SMPlayer 18.2.2 in Ubuntu / LinuxMint / Debian / Fedora

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In this tutorial, I will let you know how to install the latest version of SMPlayer 18.2.2 in Ubuntu 16.04, LinuxMint 17, Debian 9 and Fedora.

is another popular open source video player that provides a lot of features. It is based on the MPlayer command-line application and it’s fully compatible with the GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.
The application is basically an advanced GUI (Graphical User Interface) front-end for MPlayer, allowing users to watch movies, TV shows, DVD-Video discs, as well as listen to radio stations, playback music files and view YouTube videos.

Features of SMPlayer

  • Open source player
  • search and download subtitles
  • Remembers the settings of all the played files
  • Support for youtube
  • Support for skins and icon themes
  • Speed playback option available in 2x,4x, etc..
  • Subtitle and audio can be adjusted according to needs
  • SMPlayer is translated into more than 30 languages, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese.

Changelog in version 18.2.2

  • The option Open -> URL can now also load YouTube playlists.
  • New option in Preferences -> Subtitles to select the opacity of the background of the subtitles (available when the 'border-style' is set to 'opaque box').
  • The options for the preferred number of track for audio and subtitles are back.
  • (mpv) Now the direct3d is the default video output for Windows since some users reported problems with the GPU output.

Installation steps

Note Smtube package required for playing the youtube videos in SMplayer.

For Ubuntu / LinuxMint

Step 1: Add the Official Repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rvm/smplayer
Step 2: Update the repos
sudo apt-get update

Step 3: Install SMPlayer and skins

sudo apt-get install smplayer smplayer-themes smplayer-skins smplayer

For Debian 8/9

Step 1: Add the below lines to your repository according to your OS version

echo 'deb /' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/smplayer.list
echo 'deb /' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/smplayer.list
Step 2: Update the repos
apt-get update
Step 3: Install SMPlayer
apt-get install smplayer

For Fedora 22 - 27

Step 1: Enable the repo

dnf config-manager --add-repo$VERSION/home:smplayerdev.repo
Replace the $VERSION with your os version no ie 27,26,22
Step 2: Install SMPlayer
dnf install smplayer
or you can use the link to download the rpm fileand install it.

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