How To Install RAR in Ubuntu / LinuxMint / CentOS & Fedora

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How To Install RAR in Ubuntu / LinuxMint / CentOS & Fedora

In this tutorial,I  will show you how to install RAR and open RAR files in Ubuntu / LinuxMint / Fedora and CentOS

RAR files are compressed archive files commonly found on Windows machines,If you are a linux user and downloaded or received the file in the .rar format then you have to use the unrar to open the archives.

UNRAR is not installed on any of the unix operating systems by default

So how to Install UNRAR

Install Stable version from repository

Ubuntu / LinuxMint users
sudo apt-get install unrar

Centos Users

yum install unrar
Fedora users
dnf install unrar

Install Latest version from rarlab

Download the tar file from the rarlab site
For 32-bit
cd /tmp && wget

For 64-bit
cd /tmp &&
Extract the archive
tar -zxvf rarlinux-x64-5.3.b4.tar.gz
Copy the extracted files to /usr/local/bin
cp rar unrar /usr/local/bin

Extract files using UNRAR

To extract the rar files use the below command
$ unrar e $filename.rar
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